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Which steering solution is right for you?

May 22, 2023Ag Leader, Blog, Guidance & Steering

Ag Leader offers myriad steering systems and pairings, so you can find the perfect fit for your operation and equipment. Our steering systems help increase efficiency and reduce costs while improving the overall farming experience. Check out the scenarios below to determine which steering system is right for you! 

Farmer Profile

Name: Jen

Age: 43

Situation:  Jen recently purchased a used Lexion 7400 combine to harvest 7,500 acres. The combine came equipped with Ag Leader’s GPS 7500 and InCommand 1200 display. Since Jen had a great experience with Ag Leader’s SteerCommand Z2 in the tractor she uses to plant, she would like to add a dedicated steering system to the combine. What would you recommend? 

Recommendations: Adding a SteerCommand Z2 package for steering to the combine opens up the possibility for the entire harvest operation to work together in sync with CartACE and DisplayCast. Using the same planter tractor steering setup at harvest with the grain cart, CartACE shares a guidance line from the combine to the grain cart tractor for easier on-the-go unloading. Also, across connected displays and devices using AgFiniti, each member has visibility into each vehicle’s location and key stats of the harvest operation. 

Farmer Profile

Name: Bob

Age: 68

Situation: Bob is a grower who covers 700 acres. He is considering adding autosteer to his operation for straight rows and to help when it becomes difficult to see at night, especially in windy, dusty conditions. He’d also like to be able to monitor yield. He uses a John Deere 4955 planter tractor and a Case 2388 combine. What would you recommend? 

Recommendations: For autosteer, an Ag Leader GPS 7500 and SteadySteer setup would allow easy movement between the planter tractor and combine. Adding a TerraStar subscription means Bob will be able to achieve repeatable accuracy on every pass. While an InCommand 800 does a great job for autosteer and yield monitoring, if he ever wants to add visibility into planting, starting with the InCommand 1200 that can grow with him is the better choice. 

Farmer Profile

Name: Mae

Age: 27

Situation: Mae is a rancher. She wants a steering system that she can utilize for all of the following activities: cutting hay, pasture spraying and spreading manure and dry fertilizer. What would you recommend? 

Recommendations: If she is just looking for an entry level guidance system such as a lightbar we could utilize our InCommand 800G paired with a GPS 7000. We can also add our SteadySteer to a particular tractor she is using for these implements. We would also ask if her current sprayer is set up with a control valve, boom valves, and a flowmeter, if so, we would recommend adding our L2 Liquid controller. Now our 800G is a guidance only option, however it can be unlocked for our full featured InCommand 800 if she is not ready to pull the trigger on the liquid system.  

Farmer Profile

Name: Cody

Age: 35

Situation: Cody has a 10-year-old steering system on his sprayer. However, it doesn’t have mapping capabilities. Because he has many obstacles in his fields that he has to maneuver around, Cody wants to upgrade to RightSpot. What would you recommend? 

Recommendations: To take advantage of the many features RightSpot has to offer, we recommend a higher-accuracy steering system, like SteerCommand Z2. Through the InCommand display, Cody will be able to view real-time maps of sprayer performance. We recommend he setup field boundaries to save time with tracing obstacles and increase efficiency. 

Farmer Profile

Name: Jane

Age: 25

Situation: Jane just started farming and uses a 7120 Magnum. She has an off-farm job and does a lot of work at night and on weekends. Jane wants to invest in a steering system. What would you recommend?  

Recommendations: We recommend SteadySteer for this tractor. We would also ask her more questions. For example, does she want the ability to see information on a planter? What type of accuracy does she need?