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Today’s high-tech seed isn’t cheap. If you’re not in proper control of how much seed you plant or where it's planted, you’re probably sacrificing yield potential and bottom line performance.

Take charge of your planting operations

Manage seed population, planter performance, hybrid/variety mapping, split planting, variable rates and more.

SeedCommand benefits:

  • Variable rate planting: Maximize yield based on variations in the field.
  • AutoSwath automatic shut-offs: Eliminate overplanting at point rows and already-planted areas.
  • Advanced Seed Monitoring: Reduce doubles and skips, and improve spacing with seed-by-seed views of your row units.
  • Down Force Pressure: Plant at proper seed depth across the planter toolbar.
  • Year Round Displays: Ag Leader displays map and record all your field activities – from planting through harvest.
  • Complete Package: Paired with our automated steering systems and SMS™ Software, you’ve got a complete year-round package.

Hydraulic Down Force System

Monitor and control planter down force on-the-go.

Adjust pressure instantaneously based on field topography and soil conditions.

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Advanced Seed Monitoring

Monitor population, singulation, skips/doubles and spacing.

View data and graphs on population, singulation, skips/doubles and spacing in real time on a row-by-row basis.

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Sectional Control

Control planting rates and turn row units on/off with SureStop® Clutches or SureVac™ Shutoffs.

Allow SeedCommand's AutoSwath to turn planter sections on or off row-by-row using low maintenance, easy-to-install automatic row shutoffs.

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Air Seeder Cart Support

Multiple product control

Control up to three granular products, including one seed and two fertilizer products. Paired with a liquid control module, the system supports simultaneous application of NH3 and nitrogen stabilizer.

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Adding the SeedCommand Swath Control Unlock will pay for itself in only 508 acres of farmed ground.

Calculations include the cost of $750 SeedCommand Unlock.

Why SeedCommand?

Hybrid/Variety Mapping

Map the location of each hybrid/variety planted then compare observed planting maps with yield maps to make accurate, reliable seed selection.

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Variable Rate Planting

Vary seeding rates based on prescription maps to match seeding rates to soil potential. Control seed costs and improve yield potential across the entire field.

Virtual Seed Trench

View placement of each seed in a row, helping you monitor progress and determine when a problem exists in the seed meter or the row unit.

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