Booklet Printing Module

Create personalized booklets and increase printing efficiency for each client using SMS Advanced’s Booklet Printing Module. Determine the reports, graphs, maps, charts and analysis results to be included; SMS does the rest. Booklets can even be exported as HTML or PDF files to be emailed or uploaded to the web. Booklet Printing requires an additional unlock.


SMS Booklet

The Booklet Printing Module enhances printing with the ability to add a custom cover and a table of contents page to the front of a multi-page document. 

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Booklet Title Page

Create a customized title page that highlights your business and details the contents inside the booklet. Add custom images, logo, text and other supporting items.

Booklet Item Selection

The “guts” of the booklet. Add customized reports and print layouts for specific operations, such as harvest reports, planting reports, field boundary layouts, soil testing results, harvest maps, soil survery maps and more. Insert Comparison or Correlation analysis functions for entire projects or specific grower, farms and fields. These analysis functions will then be run over the selected criteria, generating detailed and relevant results for your customers.

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