Water Management Module

The Water Management module in SMS Advanced allows you to map out and plan tile lines to be installed. Designing these plans in SMS allows you to visualize the field from different perspectives, as well as overlay with other layers such as yield or soil type maps.

Design Tiling Plans

Utilize the software's ability to import multiple different file types and design your tiling plans based on any reference layer to strategically place tile runs. Utilize soil surveys, yield maps, elevation maps or even high resolution LIDAR data. View these maps in 3D to gain a better perspective on the field's topography. Make use of the powerful Terrain Analysis tool for a greater outlook of the field's terrain

Create Tiling Plans

Place tile mains, sub mains or laterals based on your tiling parameters to create accurate tile plans. Added tile lines will display a soil profile view, making it easy to see changes in elevation and these changes affect your tile runs. Utilize tools incorporated into the software to make sure your tile plans will drain the right amount of water in the right amount of time. 

Reference Layers

When creating new tile plans, any reference layer can be displayed to help strategically place tile lines, such as Soil Survey, Yield, Elevation, Flow Arrows, Existing Tile or LIDAR data. Display the field in 3D terrain view to gain perspective on the field. Use the Terrain Analysis tools in SMS Advanced to show water flow related attributes such as Wetness Potential and Drainage area. Easily visualize these attributes with directional flow arrows that can overlay these maps.

Track Installed Tile

Import and store installed tile lines to help you locate and easily add on to a drainage system. If the tile was installed using the Ag Leader display or Gradient Intellislope display, SMS will display a soil profile view detailing how the tile was installed. 

This can be used to ensure that all your tile lines indeed have a positive flow. Data collected from the Ag Leader display will also show GPS statistics when you were running in the field. For installations with the Ag leader display using AutoTile®, you can see the depth of the tile as well.

Share your tile designs

Designing a tile plan in SMS allows you to easily create multiple variations to a tile system so you can compare the amount of tile used, as well as the most effective placement to ensure your install time and effort are maximized. These plans can easily be printed in custom formats to provide a quote to land owners or for documentation purposes. 

Drainage Calculation Tools

The Tile Design Editor encompasses many features that ensure tile plan designing goes smoothly. Settings for the Drainage Coefficent, Min/Max depth, Connection Offset and more make sure your tile plan will drain correctly. 

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