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Turn Your Data into Profitable Decisions

  • Use guidance planning and support to archive guidance lines for future use.
  • Create prescriptions based on yield history, soil test results or any additional maps.
  • Map soil results by using the soil sampling tools and downloading soil survey maps.
  • Print detailed operation reports, charts and maps.
  • Analyze yield against other field operations to determine yield influence.
  • Track expenses and income throughout the growing year.

Simplify Guidance Line Management

Import, manage and store your guidance data. Transfer saved guidance patterns or AB lines to and from multiple guidance systems and file formats.  

Exporting saved guidance patterns for future operations allows you to be more efficient.

Visualize your data better - print maps, charts and reports

Print your harvest, planting, spraying and other maps to share with landlords, consultants, insurance specialists and others. 

Build charts and reports to show acres planted, planting/harvest dates, bags planted and total harvest production.

Create reports and maps to satisfy government reporting needs. This can include crop insurance reporting with AIPs or regulatory compliance for application documentation. Export Acreage/Production data from SMS to your AIP for a more streamlined crop insurance reporting process.

Aerial imagery and road maps are instantly displayed when maps are created.

These backgrounds provide great visual reference when viewing maps and also will display in print layouts.

Precisely Place Inputs

Generate simple variable rate prescriptions for seed, liquid or granular applications based on yield history, soil test results, soil survey maps or any other map. 

Export prescriptions to the majority of the precision ag displays in today’s market.

Discover Yield Influencers

Overlay yield maps with other field operations to determine how field activities affected yield across the field. 

Download soil survey maps to determine most efficient areas.

Using the selections tools, accurately select and analyze particular hybrids/products, different application rates and specific areas of the field.

Manage Soil Sample Activities

Create and manage soil sampling points, grids, and regions. Use the Sampling Wizard to generate new sample sites. Export existing or new sites for in field sampling with SMS Mobile or other devices.

Easily sync lab soil test results with sample locations in the field. Then map the sample sites for recommendations, analysis or use in reports and printing.

Download Soil Survey Maps

Automatically download soil survey maps (U.S. only) via an internet connection, for your fields already saved in your management tree.

Display attribute information such as Soil Type, CSR, Erodibility Class, Slope Range, percent sand/silt/clay and more.

Easily Track Financials

Easily track operation expenses and incomes which can be included in financial reports and print layouts. Utilize SMS' resource tracking tools to calculate product amounts used and needed from imported data or user generated prescriptions and crop plans. Then simply enter the cost per product to calculate total expense for that operation.  Use your grain harvest data and commodity sale price to calculate income from that operation. Bring all expense/income entries together for a detailed financial tracking report.

View your data anywhere

View your data anywhere, from any device* when using SMS in conjunction with the AgFiniti cloud based platform! Export your data from your SMS desktop software and view your row by row planting, application, harvest data and more in the cloud! Utilize your favorite mobile device whether it's an iPad, Windows tablet, Android tablet, laptop or smartphone. Now your data is more mobile than ever!

*Internet connection required

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Effortlessly Send, Receive and Share Data

Through an AgFiniti account, you can send and receive data files wirelessly from the cab including grower, farm and field information, prescriptions, boundaries, product names and data files. Files can be accessed from your smartphone or tablet in the field or at the office and shared with trusted advisors such as dealers, coops or farm managers.

AgFiniti interfaces seamlessly with SMS software. Learn more on the AgFiniti product page.

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Supported file types:

Ag Leader
Case IH
DEM Files
Hemisphere GPS
Image Files
ISO 11783
John Deere
New Holland
Precision Planting
Shape Files
Text Files


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