Crop Scouting

Key Features:

  • Log and edit points, lines or polygons manually or with GPS
  • Display up to 4 real-time map statistics
  • Image download
  • Seamless data transfer to SMS desktop software
  • Import/export shape files
  • View up to 4 backgroud map layers simultaneously

Boundary Mode

View, record and revise field outline and sub-boundaries within the field to accurately document field areas. Utilize SMS Mobile’s operational tools to precisely account for GPS offsets, enhanced logging intervals, field marks, measurement and division needs.

Soil Sampling Mode

Create and navigate to specific soil sample sites. Navigate to sample sites using bird’s eye view, enhanced navigation view or a hybrid of both (SMS Mobile PC only). Add and move soil sample sites based on desired location. Drawing tools are available to make and divide sampling zones for specific area needs. Utilize SMS Mobile’s ability to display multiple layers to define and navigate to precise in-field areas. Auto-fill soil sample ID to accommodate customized sample id naming.

Crop Scouting Mode

Scout specific field locations or navigate to previously scouted locations to log detailed information on field/crop conditions as well as insects, diseases or weeds observed. Utilize existing attributes to document detailed pest observations or create customized attributes to fit your operation’s needs. Link images taken to scouted sites while in the field. Underlay layers from other operations for visual reference while scouting, including planting, soil survey, imagery, application and others.

Coverage Mode

Continuously log and record data for swath-based coverage operations. This allows for the logging of different hybrids/varieties, tillage operations or application rates within the field. The Virtual Implement Switch feature allows users to collect a more accurate area for operations by automatically adjusting swath width and turning the acre count on/off when entering already covered areas.

General Logging Mode

Create and edit point, line and polygon areas in the field for field scouting, tile line mapping or creation of management zones and others.

Image Download

Easily download satellite images for each field to display background layers when you are in the field.

Download images per field or in batch across all your fields in SMS Mobile.

Picture Notes

Add picture notes while scouting to better document important pest observations. Link images to scouted areas using the device running SMS Mobile camera or by manually selecting an existing image. Picture notes will import into SMS Basic or Advanced when syncing SMS Mobile.

Printing Options

Instantly print data collected in any of the field operations. Print industry standard PDF files or save, or email directly from your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device..

External Sensors

SMS Mobile supports a variety of common external sensors, allowing operators to quickly and easily collect data in the field. Supported sensors include:
• Veris EC Sensors
• Geonics EM Model Sensors
• Minolta 502 SPAD Meters
• Dualem EC Sensor
• Greenseek
• Holland Scientific 430
• Ag Leader OptRx® crop sensor
• Custom Sensor – Log data from user-defined sensor

Supported Devices

The SMS Mobile software also is designed to be installed on any devices running Microsoft Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows 8 (not RT), Windows 10.

Key Features

  • Log or edit points, lines or polygons manually or with GPS
  • Display up to 4 real-time stats/tooltips
  • Automatic grower, farm and field selection when using GPS
  • Import/export shape files to use with other desktop applications

  • Rotating map view or display map as “north up”
  • Seamless data transfer to SMS desktop software
  • Backed by Ag Leader dedicated software support

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