Water Management

Water Management

Water is the lifeblood of your crops. Manage this important resource with the same precision you manage the rest of your operation.

Improve crop health and yield

Tile drainage removes excess water from soils.

Draining Tile

Properly tiled fields can lengthen planting windows, promote better root development, reduce field compaction, increase nutrient accessibility and improve consistency of crop emergence.

Tile Installation Made Easy

With Intellislope® Tile Plow Control System

The Intellislope® Tile Plow Control System makes installing tile easy, eliminating the need for complicated laser surveying equipment. 


  • Increase field operation windows and reduce field compaction.
  • Reduce yield-robbing affects of denitrification due to poor drainage.
  • Provide deeper root zone and earlier soil warm up for better crop development.
  • Eliminate hassles associated with laser surveying equipment.
  • Do-it-yourself tile planning, recording and installation.
  • Tile on your schedule with equipment you already own.
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The Value of Data

Data from your field is an invaluable resource to help you make better management decisions.

  • Use the new Tile Plan Editor features to create ideal field plans without the difficulty of manual calculations
  • Easily validate the size of tile runs to ensure they meet drainage capacities
  • Export premade tile plans to field display for efficient in-field installation
  • Share tile plans with others using mapping programs like Google Earth
  • Edit, move and expand existing tile runs to create an updated tile plan
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Soil-Max™ Gold Digger

The Next Gen Tile Plow

Do you want to install drainage tile but fear the investment of doing it yourself? The Gold Digger makes tiling affordable and effective. Utilizing the tractor you already own and our cutting-edge, user-friendly tile plow, you can tile your land for 1/3 the price of outsourcing the job.

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20 Reasons to Tile

Make the ground you have more productive.

  1. Higher yields and improved crop quality
  2. Faster soil warm-up
  3. Less compaction
  4. Larger, deeper roots
  5. Better soil aeration
  6. More favorable environment for beneficial soil microorganisms and earthworms
  7. Less yield variation for more dependable cash 
  8. More days of machinery operation
  9. Allows earlier planting
  10. Better soil structure
  11. Increases yield in dry years
  12. Lowers nitrogen losses
  13. Consistent seed stands
  14. Removes toxins
  15. Less erosion
  16. One-time expense
  17. Profit at the top end
  18. Lower drying costs
  19. Lowers break-even price per bushel
  20. Lower machinery costs
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Automatic and Precise


Millions of feet of installed tile prove how well AutoTile works to keep tile on grade. A three step process to Survey, Plan and Install the tile is as simple as it sounds. When we make tiling automatic and precise, you save time and money.

We can tile so much more and do a better job of installing with the Intellislope. - Steve Berger, Wellman, IA

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