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Look No Further, Your Perfect Valentine is Here!

by Feb 14, 2019Ag Leader, SeedCommand®

2019’s most eligible valentine is our SeedCommand® line. Contact your local precision expert to learn how to score a date with this system during planting!

Name: SeedCommand

Occupation: Improving planters around the world

Birthday: 2006 – Ames, Iowa

What are your hobbies?

Ensuring even plant spacing, proper planter down force and uplift, contributing to even emergence and most of all, helping farmers achieve a perfect plant stand.

What is your ideal date?

Equipping almost every brand of planter with cutting-edge technology, and then working sun up to sun down to provide excellent spacing, singulation, turn compensation and proper down force.

Tell us about your family:

My family is diverse, but everyone works to improve the life of farmers. They include InCommand® 1200, SureDrive® electric drives, and SureForce™ hydraulic down force and uplift.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Actually, I have quite a few!

I save farmers money by providing turn compensation around curves and terraces, insuring the same amount of seed is properly planted on the inside and outside rows!

I’m colorblind, meaning I work on nearly every planter and meter on the market!

I’m really low maintenance. No meeting the parents, just a reliable system for your planter. In fact, SureDrive electric drives eliminate chains, air clutches, harnesses and bearings.

I’m totally predictable. Hydraulic down force and uplift ensure consistent seed placement and depth, no matter the field condition or soil type, and automatically responds to changes across the field.

I’m completely transparent. Using the InCommand 1200, I can tell you exactly what your planter is doing, all the way down to the row level, at all times as it’s going across the field. Quickly identify and correct costly planting mistakes that wouldn’t have been noticed until harvest.

Want a date with SeedCommand? Talk to your local precision expert!