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Ag Leader Headed West for Grower Meetings

by Apr 23, 2015Ag Leader, Training & Support

I recently got the pleasure of traveling to the Pacific Northwest for a special grower meeting with Ag West Supply, in Corvallis, OR. This was a day filled with Ag Leader product information as well as presentations from the Ag West Supply crew.

The day started off with the essentials; coffee and donuts. Once everyone was properly caffeinated, we dove right into the Ag Leader displays and what they can do for the grower within their operations, as well as the different products that Ag Leader offers, that are designed to help growers increase efficiency throughout their operations.

We transitioned from displays and the general product overview into discussing drainage tile. The agronomic benefits of drainage and how proper water management can increase yields, no matter the crop. We were lucky enough to have a Soil-Max Stealth ZD tile plow on site, in addition to Mark Machart, one of the drainage experts that is a part of the Soil-Max team, to explain how the plow works

After lunch we talked about data. What can we do with all of this data we’re collecting and how it can help our operations and our bottom line? The power of data is always a good topic of discussion among growers.

The day was wrapped up with a discussion on Ag Leader steering systems and the cellular based RTK solution that Ag West Supply offers their customer base.

The day was a great success and the Ag Leader team hopes to visit again soon!