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Ag Leader's 3rd Annual Educator's Training

by Aug 21, 2012Training & Support

Ag Leader recently held the third annual Educator’s Training at our Ag Leader Academy.  The training was held over two days in early August and welcomed educators from all over the country; including those from high schools, 2 year and 4 year colleges.


During the training we focused on topics that can assist educators in teaching precision farming. Centering on our Value of Data message, we demonstrated how SMS software can assist ag professionals in making progressive management decisions based on precision ag data.  With assistance from our hardware tech support team, educators learned about precision farming practices including yield monitoring, GPS, guidance, sprayer and planting monitoring/control.


Educators taking part in our mobile field test.


Educators testing out our steering options.

This training provides a forum to discuss and share different practices and ideas that schools use to teach precision farming practices.  This gathering is valuable to both the educators and Ag Leader, as it allows us to tailor the program to suit the educator’s needs. If you would like to learn more about the Ag Leader Educational Lab program please contact Tyler Anderson at 515-232-5363.

Look for upcoming blog posts highlighting information from the educators on how they utilize and teach SMS in their classrooms.