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Ag Leader’s TurnPath™ recognized at Canada’s 2023 Outdoor Farm Show

by Sep 12, 2023Blog, Guidance & Steering

Ames, Iowa – September 12, 2023. At Canada’s 2023 Outdoor Farm Show, Ag Leader was recognized in the equipment category of the Innovations Program for TurnPath™.

The Innovations Program is offered by Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in partnership with the Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada (AMC), with support from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. The program selects new technologies expected to advance agriculture with awards given in five categories: agronomics, business solutions, environmental sustainability, equipment, and livestock.

The 2023 winners were announced on September 11 before the show began at Discovery Farm Woodstock. Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, Eastern Canada’s largest outdoor farm show, took place on September 12, 13, and 14. There were 640 companies represented with nearly 37,000 visitors attending to experience the latest technology shaping the future of farming in Ontario and Eastern Canada.

Unique applications

There were 22 unique applications. Winners were chosen by a panel of five industry representatives. The technologies had to be commercialized, or have proof of copyright or patent application, to enter the competition.

Here are the 2023 Innovation Program winners by category.

Agronomics. This category recognizes a new technology that improves crop production including genetics, crop protection product application (non-mechanical), and the process of producing a crop.

A+L Canada Laboratories Inc. won for its biostimulant AL-Bio7. The product works to improve soil and plant health by harnessing the beneficial properties of a proprietary bacterial strain, AL-336.

Business solutions. This category focuses on new technology to assist farmers and agriculture professionals with the management and decision making of their farm businesses and clients.

Agrilog won for its platform that simplifies the management and traceability of grain inventories. The technology can track and automate weighing, humidity, drying, and inventory in storage silos.

Environmental sustainability. This category recognizes technology that will help farmers enhance their stewardship and create value.

Clean Works won for its Clean Flow process, which uses light, a gentle mist, and ozone to cleanse produce as it passes under a conveyor hood. The process was “developed out of necessity” to manage a listeria outbreak in apples.

Equipment. This category recognizes technology that helps farmers and agricultural professionals enhance production and efficiency.

Ag Leader won for TurnPath. This solution provides hands-free steering for automatic, repeatable end-of-row turns. TurnPath reduces the steps a grower must take when approaching a headland maximizing his time in the field.

Livestock. This category highlights technology that can enhance the production, health, and well-being of livestock.

VETSon Veterinary Virtual Healthcare for Farm Animals was the winner. The platform connects farmers with veterinarians virtually and has had success in servicing farmers and owners of small livestock in Northern Ontario. 

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