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Design your own Tile layouts using the SMS Water Management Module

by Oct 23, 2014Ag Leader, SMS™ Software, Water Management

Now that we are well into the harvest season, some of us are beginning to think about installing drainage tile on our fields. Most growers are probably on a long waiting list to have their fields tiled, even if it’s just to install on a few wet holes.

Why wait any longer? Why not reap the benefits of drainage tile as soon as next year? With Ag Leader’s Intellislope tile plow control, installing tile is simple. But, how do you know that you put the tile in the right spot, to maximize your investment? By utilizing the SMS™ Water Management module, you can become the local tile expert, without the years of experience. By using a few years of good data, your knowledge of the field, and RTK level field elevation or topography data, you can design a tile plan that fits your needs, your wallet, and one that you know will drain properly.


Tim Norris uses the Water Management Module in his business, we asked him what he thought of the module; “The Water Management tools in SMS have greatly improved our efficiency in tiling.  We can make plans easily in SMS and design areas differently to try to figure out what design will give us the best drainage with the fewest connections and a minimal amount of deep runs.  It even tells us what size of tile we need to use!”

Don’t wait any longer, let the SMS Water Management module help you design your tile layout today, so you have the ability to install tomorrow.
To learn more about the Water Management module visit our webpage, or give us a call at 515-232-5363.