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Enhancements in 5.5 Firmware

by Aug 11, 2014Ag Leader, Guidance & Steering

Ag Leader® released version 5.5 firmware for the Ag Leader Integra and the Versa™ at the beginning of August 2014. This firmware has enhancements to improve your efficiency. 
This version highlights OnTrac3, Ag Leader’s newest steering platform.  OnTrac3 is an assisted steering system that is compatible with any 5Hz capable GPS receiver and correction source.

Enhancements Made:
-The Virtual Terminal screen no longer locks when multiple ISOBUS alarms occur.
-Target rate shows “Off” when operator is using manual valve control (DirectCommand and SeedCommand) (Figure 1)
-NORAC UC5 boom height message override for high clearance front mount sprayers (requires upgrade to NORAC E2UC5 – UP1156.fw2). This allows high clearance sprayers with NORAC to operate with less system constraints.
– Figure 2 shows .agsetup prescription selection by layer name and product. This allows users to find a prescription easier by expanding the file by layer name and product which ensures the right file is selected the first time.

Figure 1: Target rate showing “Off” during manual valve control


Figure 2: Prescription selection by layer name and product