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Five Great Device Suggestions For Using SMS™ Mobile

by May 31, 2019SMS™ Software

A common question here at Ag Leader – customers want to know which specific device is best for running SMS™ Mobile.

SMS™ Mobile is Ag Leader’s mobile software for capturing site-specific information such as finding or recording soil sampling core sites, running boundaries, crop scouting, navigation to a site and more.

SMS™ Mobile installs on pretty much any device running Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7, Windows 8 (not RT) or Windows 10. With that amount of versatility, the device options are quite wide – thus the reason customers want some direction to narrow it down. 

We have the laid out the device basics here but this blog will delve deeper into some specific devices that are working well for our customer. 

We do not have an official stand or answer on this but here are some suggestions as a starting point. Some of the ones that our Support team mention are:

  • Juniper Systems Mesa 2 (Ruggedized and durable, albeit expensive)
  • Microsoft Surface Pro (commonly used, readily available)
  • Panasonic Toughbook (commonly used, readily available)
  • Acer Tablet (affordable if concerns are about cost, low replacement, cost. Readily available)
  • Any laptop or tablet with a full Windows operating system (commonly used, readily available, versatile)

As far as getting GPS to the device, many high-end devices will have a sufficient quality internal receiver, otherwise we recommend using an external receiver via Bluetooth or an external ag-grade GPS receiver using a USB to 9-pin serial connector. Information about setting up these types of receivers can be found here

Additionally, great information about using SMS™ Mobile can be found here.