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Which version of SMS™ software is right for you?

by Jan 16, 2024AgFiniti®, Blog, SMS™ Software, Value of Data

A common inquiry from customers interested in buying desktop software is “Which version is right for me?”

That can be a tough question to answer on a case-by-case basis because there’s not a onesizefitsall solution. Typically, we like to unpack the question by learning more about the customer’s operation and what they’re looking to do before we offer a suggestion.

Below are Ag Leader’s SMS desktop software options and a target customer profile.

SMS Basic

SMS Basic is a great program for taking data from the field and creating information for smart management decisions. This includes printing yield maps, creating basic variable rate prescriptions, managing guidance lines, and more. SMS Basic was tailored to provide the individual grower all the essential tools to be successful.

You’re the ideal customer if. . . you want a locallyinstalled desktop software to manage your data and generate simple variable rate prescriptions, manage guidance lines, and more.

sms advanced

SMS Advanced

SMS Advanced is geared toward farmers, consultants, and service providers. Farmers enjoy the more in-depth analysis tools such as Multi-Year Analysis and Comparison Analysis, as well as the option to add on modules like Water Management. Service providers like the efficiency items like batch analysis and the ability to add items such as Booklet Printing and Field Trial Analysis.

You’re the ideal customer if. . . you’re a data super-user. You value having your own data and managing it yourself. And you don’t want to be restrained from delving deep into your data to find what influences yield.

If you decide to upgrade to SMS Advanced down the road, it’s simple to do. The install process from SMS Basic to Advanced is easy, and you are only charged the difference in price between the two levels. The two versions also share the same menu and layout, so there isn’t a huge learning curve.

Try SMS Basic or Advanced for free

We offer a 30-day, full-featured free trial of SMS Basic and Advanced. This can help you decide which version best suits your needs. You can download a free trial by clicking here.

Compare features

To see which features make the most sense for your operation and your objectives, click here.

Access to AgFiniti®

Both SMS Basic and Advanced give you access to AgFiniti for viewing your maps on the go with any web-enabled device. Query maps and view comparison reports to analyze yield correlations. Generate prescriptions in real-time without having to know how to write an equation, understand soil chemistry, or own a copy of SMS. AgFiniti also integrates the USDA Soil Survey, which creates a more seamless way to reference soil information in prescriptions, maps, and queries.

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You’re the ideal customer if: You like the easy button. You still OWN your data but with AgFiniti, you can easily generate fall fertility and planting recommendations and view maps online where you are with our cloud services.

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