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InCommand Version 8.0 Is Available!

Feb 21, 2023Ag Leader, Displays

InCommand v8.0 is Available

InCommand v8.0 is now available. Read the full release notes.

New RightSpot features for InCommand

Boom Pressure Relief

Boom Pressure Relief provides a cleaner and safer environment when servicing boom plumbing components. Relieve excess boom pressure by opening the nozzle valves.

Active Boom Recirculation

InCommand now offers boom recirculation features with RightSpot. Combining RightSpot with suitable recirculation plumbing provides automated boom recirculation processes that bring simplicity to priming and flushing the boom.

Configure Active Nozzles Easily switch from broadcast application utilizing all nozzle valves to fertilizer application where some valves are unused yet remain connected. 
Load Station Features With the Vehicle Interface Module and DirectCommand L2, users have access to new features to enhance filling the sprayer.

  • Fill Flow Meter – InCommand will automatically update the container level based on the fill volume. 
  • Remote Pump Switch – A remote pump switch can be added to enable and disable the pump remotely while filling.  

Plus more! See the release notes for the full list of updates.