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InCommand Version 7.0 Is Available!

Feb 22, 2022Ag Leader, Displays

InCommand v7.0 is Available

InCommand v7.0 is now available. Read the full release notes.


Get Ready for Planting with Smart Guidance Enhancements

Regular straight AB lines don’t account for obstacles like wet spots in the field you may need to drive around.

With SmartPath always enabled, you can easily switch between your AB or identical curve along with your SmartPaths.

SmartPath Enhancements

SmartPath is part of Ag Leader’s family of guidance patterns and allows the user to simply drive and SmartPath will guide from there. It is particularly beneficial in odd-shaped or terraced fields.

Version 7.0 release increases the ease-of-use of SmartPath. Now it’s always on! Never forget to turn it on again. SmartPath enabled ensures users will always have a guidance solution as unexpected terrain or situations arise. Additionally, users will now be able to easily switch between straight AB lines, identical curves, and SmartPaths.


Port C Support
Now get GPS to more devices in the cab with configuring Port C for GPS 6000/6500/7000/7500 right from your InCommand display.

AgFiniti and DisplayCast Updates

Free File Transfer to AgFiniti: Transferring display files to and from your AgFiniti account for free.
    • AgData
    • AgSetup
    • SmartReports
    • And more
Upload Diagnostic Files: To help dealers and customers save time with issue resolution, users can upload diagnostic files directly to AgFiniti.
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