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New Products, New Features! Learn about GLIDE, StableLoc and more!

by Nov 11, 2014Ag Leader, Guidance & Steering, News & Announcements

Following the November 3rd GNSS and steering product announcement, here is some more in-depth technical information about the new products and some of their features. These new GNSS products add to a comprehensive, robust solution encompassing industry leading displays, GNSS receivers and steering products.

What is GLIDE?
GLIDE is a positioning algorithm that can be utilized with the GPS 6000 and GPS 6500 receivers and provides superior pass to pass accuracy (over 15 minute durations) in environments where a differential signal is not available. GLIDE works globally, independent of different signals such as WAAS or EGNOS, so it provides a stable signal for customers in Eastern Europe, Australia and South America.

Additionally, GLIDE is focused on providing excellent pass to pass accuracy in areas of high ionospheric disturbance.

GLIDE absolute accuracy with the GPS 6500 is improved over the GPS 6000’s GLIDE accuracy because the GPS 6500 has dual frequency capabilities.

The GPS 6000 GNSS receiver

What is StableLoc™?
StableLoc is a standard feature on the GPS 6000 and GPS 6500 which allows for increased run-time by utilizing all available correction sources for continuous machine guidance operation. As an example, if the RTK signal is lost, StableLoc will revert to the next highest accuracy correction source for the best pass to pass performance. When RTK correction is regained, StableLoc will smoothly transition back to the RTK position.

StableLoc will transition down to the highest GPS correction source available – from RTK to WAAS down to GLIDE and seamlessly back for continuous operation and best pass to pass accuracy.

Through testing, StableLoc has shown enormous promise keeping differential correction in areas with compromised satellite constellation view (e.g. trees, buildings and other vertical obstructions.)

StableLoc will be an excellent feature for the operator who wants continuous, seamless operation despite minimal accuracy variance.

What is TerraStar?
TerraStar is a global, high accuracy positioning service which is robust and effective in all locations, including areas of high ionospheric disturbance.

TerraStar-D is a correction service currently available for Ag Leader GPS 6500 receivers. TerraStar-D offers worldwide decimeter level accuracy, delivered via satellite. Seven independent L-band satellites in constellation ensures a minimum of dual beam coverage anywhere.

The TerraStar-D subscription is available from Ag Leader in 3 and 12 month options. The GPS 6500 receiver requires an unlock to utilize the TerraStar-D signal, a 5 day demonstration subscription is available but the receiver will need to be unlocked for TerraStar to sample the signal.

What is the RTK Relay Module?

The RTK Relay Module is a radio telecommunication module that connects directly to the GPS 6500 dual-frequency GNSS receiver. The Relay is the communication link to deliver and receive RTK corrections.
Depending on the model, the Relay contains one of the following radios:
• CDMA 1xRTT (Verizon) cellular radio
• GSM HSPA (AT&T North America) cellular radio
• 400 MHz Satel licensed radio
• 900 MHz Freewave unlicensed radio

The RTK 900 and 400 Relay Modules are compatible with A5 and GPS 2500B base stations and the 900 and 400 modules also have the ability to switch to transmit mode to act as a base station. The CDMA and GSM Relays are intended to be used as NTRIP rovers only.

GPS 6500 with 900MHz RTK Relay Module