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New Training Equipment at Ag Leader Academy

by Feb 25, 2011Training & Support

It has been awhile since my last blog post, so I wanted to take a moment to catch everyone up with what is happening at Ag Leader Academy.   Our Technical Support team spent a large amount of time both before and after harvest building equipment for our 2011 Ag Leader dealer training.  Below are a few of the items that our team has been using during our winter training sessions.


A fully operational planter and sprayer are being utilized as training aids for SeedCommand™ and DirectCommand™.  The planter features the current supported row units, dual hydraulic drives, vacuum, PMM & STMM modules, SureStop® clutches, and the INTEGRA™, EDGE™ and InSight™ displays. The sprayer features OptRx™ crop sensors, inline, bypass and PWM 12v components, along with direct injection. In addition, we have brought in a fully operational strip till cart and spinner spreader bed.


We are also using four tractors – one Case, one John Deere and two Challengers – fully equipped with ParaDyme® and OnTrac2™ steering units to provide hands-on training of our guidance and steering products. Finally, one of the classrooms at Ag Leader Academy is equipped with 25 INTEGRA displays, 25 EDGE displays and 25 InSight displays for hands-on display training. In addition, this classroom contains a computer at every workstation and is used for SMS Software training as well.


As you can see, we have worked hard to ensure that our dealers receive a very involved and comprehensive training so they can share that knowledge and expertise with their customers. To see the list of customer training dates available please click here; we look forward to seeing you at training! Ag Leader Customer Trainings: