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New Year, New Planter Improvements

by Jan 3, 2019SeedCommand®

No new iron in your fleet this year? No worries! With Ag Leader’s SeedCommand® lineup of planter precision ag components, you can upgrade the planter you already know and love!

Make 2019 the year of planting improvement! With InCommand® displays and SeedCommand planter technology, start your 2019 crop off with the best stand you’ve ever seen.

With Ag Leader, you can resolve to:

Be Pennywise
New planters are more expensive than ever, with the average price hovering around $275,000 for a 16-row planter. Why spend that to get the latest technology features to improve your stand when you can spend a fraction of that to add those features to the planter you already have?
Start Seeing More Green
Start seeing more green not only in your fields with SureDrive‘s turn compensation feature, but also in your wallet with all that money you saved on seed corn. Not to mention the yield bump you’ll see with consistently placed plants.
Keep the Weight Off
SureForce‘s uplift feature will remove weight off your gauge wheels when soil conditions warrant it. This ensures seeds get off to the right start, no matter the soil conditions.

Spend More Time With Family
Did we mention SureDrive is maintenance free? SureDrives’ robust, sealed construction is maintenance free for season-after-season durability and reliability. Say no to wasting time greasing chains and rebuilding air clutches; say yes to spending time with your family and friends.

Find Love
SureDrive – need I say more? It’s low maintenance, saves you money and doesn’t require you to change (from the planter and meters you already know and love). Sounds like the perfect match.

Gain Better Foresight
The ability to reflect on and know what went well and what went wrong is huge! With InCommand, easily see historical planting maps for population, singulation, skips, doubles, downforce attributes and more BEFORE it costs you yield.

Interested in making 2019 your best planting season yet? Contact your local Ag Leader dealer!