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Summer Trainings and More

by Jun 30, 2011Training & Support

Since my last post, Ag Leader Academy has been busy with a wide assortment of events.  These events range from OEM distributer training, a company cookout and even our most recent supplier event.  Between all the activity and the weather conditions this year, it feels like we jumped right from winter into summer, skipping spring altogether!

Dealer DC training

Now with the corn and beans growing by leaps and bounds, Ag Leader dealers are back at Ag Leader Academy to learn more about how they can help their customers prepare for a smooth summer application and fall harvest season.  Dealers are attending courses full of in-depth and hands-on experience in SeedCommand, DirectCommand, Yield MonitoringSMS Mapping Software and ParaDyme and OnTrac2 steering systems.  

Armed with this information, our dealers can take customers' farming operations to the next level, saving them time and money. In addition, Ag Leader dealers will soon be providing customer trainings in numerous locations across the country.  The Ag Leader Customer Training schedule can be found both in the June Ag Leader INSIGHTS newsletter, and also on the Ag Leader website here. These trainings will help growers prepare for harvest season and give them an opportunity to learn more about their equipment. Be sure to take a look at the list to find a training near you!

This year in Iowa we have tussled with wind, hail, tornados, even flooding occurring on both sides of the state.  With conditions like these, precision ag can benefit your operation in many ways, from insurance reporting to helping you manage your stressed plants. A trusted precision ag dealer – who has the training and knowledge to help you manage your precision ag equipment – and quality training are some of the essential tools necessary to get you through the summer and fall months.