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Tech Support Tips for Organizing Your Data Collection

by Nov 19, 2010Training & Support, Water Management

Setting up your data collection cycle within your display is an easy way to keep your precision ag data organized. Once you have your Growers, Farms, Fields, Operators, Equipment, Products and Field boundaries loaded into your display, it is time to consider how you want to set your data collection cycle. The “New Season” feature is a great way to control what field applications are associated within the same crop growing season. This feature is available on the Ag Leader ® Integra, EDGE and InSight displays. (Refer to your operator’s manualor quick reference guide for more details on how to locate this setting in your display.) If you need additional assistance, our Tech Support Department will be more than happy to help you out.


Creating a new season prior to your fall fertilizer application will ensure the application data falls within the same season as your planting and harvest data. All data collected within the same season can be displayed as a reference map during another operation within the season. For example, 2010 fall applied NH3 will actually be utilized by the following year’s crop, the 2011 growing season. By creating a new season prior to NH3 application, when changing from 2010 to 2011, all of your data collection will be associated with the crop it applies to, instead of the previous season’s crop. Changing the season prior to the fall NH3 application allows for a reference map of the application to be displayed during planting and harvest. This means your fall applied NH3 can be displayed during planting or harvest operations, because it was logged within the same “season.” If you have already started your fall 2010 application without first changing the season, the data will not be available for use as a reference map during 2011 planting or harvest operations.

The season can be changed in between field applications, however, all of your fall application data will then be split between two different years. If you have already started your fall application, a good way to organize your information is to leave all of the application data within the same year and then use your precision ag software to evaluate yield by application rate when you are done harvesting. If you will be using more than one display throughout the season, loading a reference file into the Ag Leader Integra display is a new feature you can use to provide variety tracking information during harvest. On farms that use multiple displays for planting, variety reference files can be generated from our SMS software and then exported for use on any Ag Leader Integra display.

This feature allows for variety information collected on any display to be loaded as a reference file on the Ag Leader Integra display that will be used in the combine. This feature is only available to import variety information into an Ag Leader Integra display for use as a harvest reference map. The New Season and Reference File features are both helpful organization tools to keep in mind as you begin planning for your next growing season. Current Technical Support Hours: Now that harvest is approaching an end, our Technical Support Hours have been adjusted back to normal. The hours are now Monday-Friday, 7am-6pm CST. Our weekend schedule is also about to change; Saturday, Nov. 20 will be the last Saturday that we are open for the year. Tech Support will not be open November 25th & 26th, so be sure and get your questions answered before turkey day!