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The ABC’s of Ag Leader

by Aug 15, 2011Ag Leader, Training & Support

Do you know your Ag Leader ABC’s? Whether you are a seasoned precision technology pro or just getting started, this crash course will help you get to know our company and products.

A is for Ag Leader Academy, the 25,000 square foot education center located on the Ag Leader campus dedicated to hands-on training of our dealers and customers.

Ag Leader Academy

B is for Blue Delta Dealers, Ag Leader’s elite designation for those who’ve achieved the highest level of product and service knowledge and precision farming expertise.

C is for connecting with us 24/7 on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

D is for data, the information you’ll collect from your planting, application and harvesting work. By analyzing your data, it will help you to make future decisions about your operation and improve the work that you do.

E is for environmental stewardship, which is what you can improve when you implement precision technology such as DirectCommand’s AutoSwath feature to reduce over application and product waste.

F is for Farmer, the individual that means the most to our business and the reason why we are in business! 

GPS 2500

G is for GPS 1500 and 2500, two all-in-one antenna/receiver systems that make assisted steering with sub-meter accuracy possible.

H is for hybrid/variety yield mapping. By overlaying planting maps with real-time harvest maps, you can instantly view yield and moisture variations by hybrid/variety in the field. This provides better seed selection for the next planting season.

I is for the Ag Leader® Integra display. Mapping, planter and application control, yield monitoring, real-time data logging – all can be controlled from the cab using this tool.

J is for justification for cost. The investment in precision technology typically pays you back in input cost savings and increased yield potential over time.

K is for knowledge gained about your operation from year to year, and using that information to make sound decisions that will pay dividends in the future.

L is for “Lock-n-Roll” installation on the OnTrac2™ Assisted Steering system, an economical option for those who want to add assisted steering to tractors, combines, application rigs and more.

M is for managing planting operations with SeedCommand™. Benefits include eliminating double planting, greater ease for night planting and effortless population control without leaving the tractor cab.

N is for NORAC UC5™ boom height control system supported by the Ag Leader Integra display—ensuring ideal crop coverage without drift or wasted product.



O is for OptRx™ crop sensing technology to manage nitrogen application and improve plant health.

P is for Precision Point Blog, which you are reading right now—a great place to get information about the company, our products, services and people.

Q is for quality, which is what we strive to bring to every customer we serve.

R is for remote service on the ParaDyme® Automated Steering system. When you request help through the Ag Leader Integra display, your dealer receives notification alerting them to the service request. They can access the ParaDyme remotely to diagnose the problem in real time.

S is for SMS software that can help you turn your precision ag data into the right management practice decisions.

T is for Technical Support, the cornerstone of Ag Leader service. Our knowledgeable staff is on hand to take your call and walk you through any questions you have regarding our hardware or software.


Ag Leader's Technical Support Team.

U is for understanding your needs, and delivering the products to help you achieve your goals.

V is for Virtual Terminal, a feature on the Ag Leader Integra display designed to meet the ISO 11783 (ISOBUS) Virtual terminal standard. This allows support of many ISOBUS compliant implements including planters, seeders, sprayers and spreaders.

W is for waterproof, a feature of the Mesa Rugged Notepad™. Built for field use, the  Mesa can assist in the collection of field data, crop scouting, soil sampling and creating boundaries.

X is for exciting new technology, which Ag Leader strives to bring to you every year.

Y is for yield monitoring, the technology that launched the company. Yield monitoring was designed to help you create and view yield and moisture maps while harvesting so you can see right away how certain field conditions affect yield.

Z is for zero-maintenance, a benefit you’ll enjoy with SureVac™ Electric Row Shutoff, a product that allows operators to automatically turn vacuum planter row units on and off.