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Troubleshooting Tips

by Apr 23, 2010Guidance & Steering

If you have an issue while in the field, knowing the state of the following items can help significantly with troubleshooting.  To expedite the diagnosis process, be sure to be familiar with these items so when the Tech Support Specialist asks, you know what they are asking about.

Firmware – Nearly every support call – either to your dealer or Ag Leader – will require checking the firmware version on your display, connected modules and GPS unit.  Verifying that all of these components have the latest firmware helps the technician understand the operation of the system.  Firmware versions can operate differently and contain unique features so always make sure the firmware on your precision ag equipment is the most recent.

Module LEDs – On CAN modules you will find an LED light that will tell you the current status of the module.  If the light is green the module is powered on and will be communicating with the display and other modules on the CAN bus.  If the light is amber the module is powered up, but is not communicating with other devices on the CAN bus.  If the light is red the module is in program mode. Taking note of the module LED color will give the technician further information to help with any issues you may experience.

GPS Unit LEDs – Many Ag Leader GPS units have LED lights on them used to troubleshoot GPS signal.  These lights will tell you the status of the receiver and the signal it is receiving.  For example, on the GPS 1500, the light will either be green, amber or red.  A flashing green light tells you that DGPS is being acquired. A solid green light indicates the receiver has acquired DGPS, while an amber light tells you the receiver has GPS satellites, but no differential signal.   Lastly, a red light means the GPS unit is currently powered on, however it is not seeing GPS satellites or differential signal.  Again, these are things to take note of to help your technician diagnose any problems.  For information about other GPS receivers and the meanings of their LED lights, consult the operator’s manual for the GPS unit. Just a few things to pay attention to while you are in the field – if you do have to call Tech Support, knowing the state of the items above will expedite the diagnosis process.  Good luck as spring field work continues!