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We Are Ag Leader – Jeff Bjorge

by Jul 31, 2018Ag Leader, Ag Leader News

Our dedicated dealer network is the backbone of our company. Take a second to meet some of the local precision experts across the country, and around the world.

What is your name, position, dealership & location: Jeff Bjorge, Owner and Operator, Cutting Edge Ag, Buxton, ND.

How long have you been selling Ag Leader products? I have been selling Ag Leader products for 6 years and using Ag Leader products on my own farm since 2005.

What’s your favorite thing about selling precision ag products? I love to help other farmers realize the potential of their equipment, as well as their land. A lot of what we do involves retrofitting existing machines with all-new technology and making those machines capable of things that were never thought of when the machine was made.

What do you enjoying about working with Ag Leader? Ag Leader has always had a great product line, along with great support. You can be sure when a new product is released, it’s ready for market. When there are questions, you can be sure there is a friendly voice on the other end of the phone to keep you going and answer all of your questions.

In five years, the new, hot precision ag product on the market will be… I think the next big thing in precision ag will be “site specific agriculture”. We are seeing a big push towards having access to all of the details when it comes to farming, whether that’s getting to know the resolution of UAV’s or being able to see your application rate of seed and fertilizer. I think in the near future we will be seeing planters that are even more capable of row by row control, as well as having sprayers and fertilizer spreaders that have square foot control over their rates. Soon enough, we’ll be effectively farming by the square inch!

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