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From no tech to high tech: The ultimate guide to upgrading your application equipment

by May 24, 2024Blog, DirectCommand®

As the spring season buzzes with activity and farmers focus on planting, the essential tasks of caring for crops post-planting can be a scramble. After the seeds are in the ground, multiple variables are at play that put pressure on yield, profitability, and health of the crop. While many of those variables are out of a farmer’s control, leveraging technology that can help him better manage the crop as it grows is not just advantageous but essential.

However, finding a solution that is right for your operation can be difficult. To help, we’ve created a quick guide that outlines the upgrade journey possible with Ag Leader.


Just Getting Started

Ag Leader offers a comprehensive suite of farm management solutions designed to deliver year-round precision control, empowering farmers with real-time data crucial for informed decision-making. At the heart of this suite is Ag Leader’s flagship products, the InCommand® 1200 and InCommand 800 displays


InCommand 1200 & InCommand 800

Precision control starts with the InCommand. Our display is the centerpiece of the operation, allowing visibility into every farm, every field activity, for every season. The InCommand offers a virtual window into your sprayer, granting operators unparalleled control as they navigate the field. Consolidating steering, application, planting, and harvest controls into a single interface simplifies and improves every aspect of completing each farm activity.



SteadySteer® & SteerCommand® Z2

Applying nutrients, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides is one of the most necessary, recurring, and demanding farm activities. That’s why many of our users choose to bundle their display purchase with a guidance and steering package. Our guidance packages offer hands-free assisted steering with pass-to-pass accuracy for any operation. These packages reduce operator fatigue and allow him to focus on other critical tasks. Users can upgrade SteadySteer or SteerCommand Z2 steering solutions with our newest hands-free end-of-row turn feature, TurnPath.




Stay connected to your operation on and off the farm with AgFiniti. We’ve seamlessly integrated the industry’s most versatile, reliable, and user-friendly display with a cutting-edge connectivity solution that ensures operators, farm managers, and advisors have access to crucial information whenever and wherever they need it. AgFiniti synchronizes your entire operation seamlessly, from display to display and device to device.

AgFiniti isn’t just a connectivity solution; it’s a powerful tool for optimizing your application program and recordkeeping. It simplifies the process of creating prescriptions and accessing them in the cab. AgFiniti also provides detailed reports of the products used, where they were placed, and how much was applied for each field automatically. Collaboration becomes effortless, streamlining teamwork and enhancing productivity. Plus, you can experience its benefits risk-free with our complimentary 30-day trial.



Technology Ready

Whether you’re already equipped with a display or ready to dive headfirst into application technology, you can seamlessly integrate any of our farm management tools with the solutions below. Our products are engineered to allow for effortless upgrades as you progress along your precision technology journey.

DirectCommand® L2

Smart liquid management starts with DirectCommand L2. Serving as the foundation of application control and mapping, DirectCommand L2 features AutoSwath® section control, coverage monitoring and mapping, and sprayer upgradeability to RightSpot. With comprehensive support for various liquid applications including sprayers, NH3/anhydrous toolbars, and planters, DirectCommand L2 is a versatile solution.


The ultimate spraying experience, RightSpot makes application a precise and easier job. At its core, RightSpot’s hallmark feature is its individual nozzle-by-nozzle control, which minimizes overapplication and product waste by automatically turning each nozzle on or off based on field boundaries and previously treated areas. It also maintains a constant boom pressure independently of rate, creating consistent and uniform coverage across the entire field regardless of sprayer speed. The nozzle-by-nozzle control will also compensate for each turn, ensuring every path through the field receives the proper rate. RightSpot’s expansive list of features and capabilities ensure the job is done RIGHT to achieve the results you need and expect.


The newest product in the application lineup is BoomLoop, an upgrade for sprayers equipped with the RightSpot nozzle-by-nozzle control system. This automated recirculation solution seamlessly integrates into the InCommand display and provides sprayer operators a simple, effective way to prime, reagitate, and achieve cleaner boom plumbing. By allowing simple, spray-free priming, BoomLoop helps avoid crop damage or experiencing untreated areas that occur from improperly primed booms.

Through technology, Ag Leader empowers farmers to enhance precision, reduce waste, and optimize crop health and yield. Whether you are starting your precision farming journey or looking to upgrade your existing technology, Ag Leader provides comprehensive solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s farming operations, ensuring a more efficient and productive season.

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