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Isaac Bowers is Ag Leader’s Software Support and Training Supervisor. In this role, he supervises the department that supports and trains users on SMS Desktop and SMS Mobile software programs. Isaac is originally from Iowa and received a degree in Ag Systems Technology from Iowa State University. He enjoys helping out on the family farm, running and fishing.

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Apr, 03 2014 - by Isaac Bowers

2014 SMS Pre-Planting Checklist (Part 2)

Welcome back!  Here are the final two steps in preparing for this spring.  Click here to link back to Part 1.

4. Analyze your data and make your management decisions

All of the data that you have recorded these past years has a story to tell and it’s all there at your fingertips.  By analyzing your data, you can answer important questions about your operation such as:

  • Which soil type and hybrid/variety combinations are performing and which aren’t?
  • Does planting speed make a difference in yield?
  • How do different soil fertility levels affect yield? 
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Apr, 02 2014 - by Isaac Bowers

2014 SMS Pre-Planting Checklist (Part 1)

As much as I dreaded Daylight Savings Time this year, I was happy to see it come as it’s a simple reminder that spring is here and the daylight hours are getting longer.  In general, I am just ready to spend more time outside.  Before you head to the field this spring (or before you get too far into your field work for those that have started already), here are a couple things that you should put on your TO DO list for your precision ag desktop software this spring.

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Oct, 24 2013 - by Isaac Bowers

SMS Training and Resources

One goal of the SMS Software team is to provide training opportunities and resources that are effective regardless of the users SMS knowledge and fit into their busy schedules.  This is why we have put all of our resources in a simple, single location for you to get to: (or go to and click Support). 

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Aug, 05 2013 - by Isaac Bowers

SMS Pre-Harvest Set-Up

Do you have your precision ag desktop software ready for harvest?

It's hard to believe that August is already here.  For those of us on the support team, that means it's time to start thinking about what customers are going to need to know before they head to the field for harvest.  As you prepare for harvest, here are 5 simple steps that you can do now in your precision ag desktop software.

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Jul, 30 2013 - by Isaac Bowers

New Faces on the Software Support Team

Growth is something we’ve become very accustomed to here at Ag Leader. Nearly every day we’re adding new employees and starting new customer support professionals on the phones. We are happy to introduce you to Derek, one of the newest members of the Software Support Team.

Derek grew up on a family farm in Southeast Colorado. He attended Iowa State University, and graduated with a degree in Horticulture. Derek began working for Ag Leader Technology in January 2013 as a full-time Software Support Specialist. His duties include assisting customers with the software and leading training events. During his spare time, he enjoys playing volleyball and basketball, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends.

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Jun, 25 2013 - by Isaac Bowers

Simple Income and Expense Entries

Well, it’s been an interesting spring needless to say.  Trying to find good dry weekends to head back to my parent’s farm to help was a struggle.  Felt like I was stuck somewhere between cringing when I heard the word ‘rain’, and biting my tongue for fear that it would turn off dry on us this summer and just being thankful that we had moisture whenever the crop did make it in the ground.

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May, 20 2013 - by Isaac Bowers

Take Your Data to the Field…on a Tablet!

For several years now, Ag Leaders displays have been able to load previously recorded data from the same display as a background map.  We have also been able to import planting reference maps for variety tracking purposes from multiple brands of planting displays using SMS Basic/Advanced.  But how do you view your other data out in the field?   Not all data is recorded by the same display, or even from the same manufacturer for that matter, and that same display likely isn’t in the truck with you when you’re driving by that field.  Data like soil type maps, previous year’s application and harvest maps, and multi-year analysis maps can all serve a purpose whether you’re just passing by a field and have a question about what you’ve done in the past or if you’re crop scouting.

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