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Mar, 11 2019 - by Ag Leader

GROWING CONFIDENCE: On-farm field trials improve crop potential

Growing sugar beets in the Red River Valley is an exercise in precision. Hitting the optimal planting depth is of utmost importance to fulfilling the crop’s potentially high — and lucrative — yield potential.

“Getting your stand established is huge for sugar beets,” said Jeff Bjorge, farmer and president of Cutting Edge Ag, an Ag Leader dealer in Buxton, North Dakota. “Any incremental increase in stand and uniformity means many dollars per acre.”

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Mar, 07 2019 - by Ag Leader

SmartSTEER: Implement steering that works with Ag Leader

In this blog, we will highlight the implement steering solution by Homburg Holland that was designed to work with Ag Leader displays, Homburg Holland’s SmartSTEER system has been on the market for roughly a year and a half and provides an easily accessible and dependable solution for Ag Leader customers needing implement steering.

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Feb, 21 2019 - by Ag Leader

InCommand 1200: A Dang Good Planting Display

Everyone knows planting with ideal seed placement is key to ROI and you are losing big money per acre by not placing seed properly. Several factors affect spacing quality and singulation, but do you know how your planter is performing? If the answer is no, you need a window into your planter, and the InCommand® 1200 gives you just that.

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