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May, 16 2018 - by Ag Leader

2018 Tech Trials

Earlier this year, we introduced Chad Swindoll and Barry Anderson, our Agronomy team at Ag Leader. They weren’t on the job for very long before they got to work setting up Tech Trial plots across North America to help farmers realize the value of Ag Leader equipment, and precision agriculture in general, from a more agronomic perspective.

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May, 09 2018 - by Ag Leader

Liquid Application Tips for Success

These days growers are faced with a host of application challenges. Ensuring your sprayer is properly calibrated for spray drift, Roundup® resistance and chemical efficacy are just a few challenges to overcome. Fortunately, there are five Ag Leader DirectCommand ISOBUS liquid control tools from that can help remedy many of these pressing topics.

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May, 01 2018 - by Ag Leader

Agriculture’s Greatest Threat

By: Logan Handsaker, Ag Leader Product Specialist


Weed Resistance. The concept has been communicated and threatened ad nauseam the last five years. When many farmers’ go-to chemical, glyphosate, became ineffective at controlling some of the most noxious pests, the issue transformed from coffee shop talk to “code red” all across the industry.  

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Apr, 04 2018 - by Ag Leader

Where in the World is the Yield Monitor 2000?

Ag Leader Technology was founded in 1992, and its first product to the market was the Yield Monitor 2000. The Yield Monitor 2000 was the first widely adopted yield monitor in the world, and changed the way farmers measured the success of their toil. Over the years, adoption of the Yield Monitor 2000 spread, not only throughout North America, but also around the globe, finding a home on nearly every continent. 

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Mar, 28 2018 - by Ag Leader

Tips from Tech: SeedCommand Preseason Checklist

Robins are here, the days are getting longer and warmer - spring is slowly coming to the Midwest and farmers are beginning to think about the quickly approaching growing season ahead. 

So when it comes time to pull the planter out of the shed, Ag Leader technical support has put together these great resources for you to check it over.

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Mar, 15 2018 - by Ag Leader

Ag Leader Software Hackathons Spur Innovation

Where do new products and existing product improvements come from? Sometimes they come from feature requests from our customers and dealers, sometimes from our own engineers, product managers and tech support who use our products on their farms. Other times they come from our engineers and developers through release planning and the product planning and development cycle.

But once in a while, they come from something else…

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Mar, 12 2018 - by Ag Leader

What can SureDrive do for you?

I do not have to tell you how crucial seed spacing and singulation is to yield, it’s an item all farmers know. The main purpose of SureDrive® is to provide consistent meter control for the purpose of optimal singulation and seed spacing.

But it's more than that. Less maintenance, simplified electrical and mechanical components on the planter and an easy install are additional pluses of the SureDrive electric planter drive. 

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