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Feb, 21 2019 - by Ag Leader

InCommand 1200: A Dang Good Planting Display

Everyone knows planting with ideal seed placement is key to ROI and you are losing big money per acre by not placing seed properly. Several factors affect spacing quality and singulation, but do you know how your planter is performing? If the answer is no, you need a window into your planter, and the InCommand® 1200 gives you just that.

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Jan, 10 2019 - by Ag Leader

SureForce Best Practices

If you're using SureForce™, or considering adding it to your planter, you are likely curious about how it works in order to maximize its potential. By focusing on agronomic principles for the crop being planted and having a working knowledge of how SureForce™ behaves, we can ensure that the crop has a high potential for prompt and uniform emergence. 

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