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Jun, 02 2016 - by Preston Poots

Brush Up with Online Training Materials

The 2016 planting season is wrapping up and the summer months are upon us. Many dealers will be attending our training courses and clinics this summer, but we understand summer is a busy time for our dealers and many are unable to find time to attend our training sessions at the Ag Leader Academy. With that in mind, the Ag Leader Training team is offering additional resources available for dealers.

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Apr, 18 2016 - by Preston Poots

Training gears up as spring planting winds down!

The spring season is upon us and many of you are busy preparing for a safe and efficient planting season. While our customers and dealers are preparing for field work, the Ag Leader training team is preparing training materials and will host another training season starting in June.

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Feb, 08 2016 - by Preston Poots

Not Too Late For Winter Software Training Sessions!

The training season has been off to a great start here at Ag Leader! Half of the training season is completed, though you do not need to worry if you haven't been because we still have several training sessions left to offer. Customers and dealers alike are welcome to attend any of the SMS™ Basic and SMS™ Advanced trainings. If you are new to SMS or have been running the software for several years, these two training sessions will equip you with the skills and knowledge to better prepare yourself to operate the software.

The SMS Basic training covers all the basic functionality in the software. Reading in data from a field display, printing maps and reports, managing data in the management tree, building basic prescriptions and exporting are the main training topics.

The SMS Advanced training focuses on the batch command tool and the analysis tools that SMS Advanced software has to offer. The training utilizes soil sampling data for importing and building recommendations using the equation writing tool.

If you are interested in any of the trainings, please visit our website. Here you can enroll and pay online for classes in Ames, or any of our traveling locations. Hurry and reserve your seat today!

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Nov, 12 2015 - by Preston Poots

New Winter Dealer and Customer Training Courses Added!

With the fall season coming to an end, we here at the Ag Leader Academy are gearing up for another successful training season. Our next set of courses start in December and the training team has been working diligently to update and prepare class materials. Courses are tailored to reach the unique needs of our customers and dealers and this winter we are offering two new one-day clinics just for customers: Displays & Data Management and the Spring Clinic.

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Sep, 03 2015 - by Preston Poots

2015 Educator’s Conference Recap

Summer is coming to an end and school is starting back up all across America. In preparation for the new school year, the Ag Leader training team hosted some of the leaders in precision agriculture education last month.

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May, 26 2015 - by Preston Poots

New Dealer Clinics at the Academy!

With spring coming to an end and the planting season wrapping up, it is a perfect time to come to the Ag Leader Academy and polish up your skills with some training. The training team at Ag Leader has developed and organized two new clinics that we are very excited to share. This summer the two courses are available to dealers. In the future we hope to offer a similar clinic to customers. This innovative idea combines a variety of current courses and operations into a two day session. The Fall Clinic and Displays and Data Management courses are great for a simple review of the full lifecycle of precision farming data or as a focused introduction if you are brand new to Ag Leader.

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Dec, 22 2014 - by Preston Poots

The Educator Event is Growing!

With temperatures slowly dropping and snowfall peeking around the corner, it is hard to imagine those warm summer days. Here at the Ag Leader Academy we are already picturing hot and humid days as we look forward to the Educator Event that will be held at the end of the summer.

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Nov, 18 2014 - by Preston Poots

Training Customers, Dealers, and Insurance Agents?

With fall coming to a close and the harvest season wrapping up, Ag Leader growers are cleaning their equipment and gathering their data. Organizing, analyzing, and making informed management decisions with the data they collected from this last growing season are all priorities when wrapping up the season. Another job that may be on the to-do list is to meet with their insurance agent and export data for this season’s acreage and production reporting.

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