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Chad Swindoll

Chad serves as an Agronomist for Ag Leader. He is a third-generation farmer and grew up working in the family row-crop operation in the Mississippi Delta region. Chad holds a Meteorology degree and Geospatial and Remote Sensing Certification from Mississippi State University. He is also a Certified Crop Adviser. Chad is husband to Edna and father to three wonderful children. Chad’s passion is serving Jesus, his family, and the agricultural community.

Jul, 31 2018 - by Chad Swindoll

Learning at Every Stage

Agriculture is a seasonal business due to the nature of the crops that we grow. Farmers understand that each crop stage demands various activities to steward yield as we approach the finish line – harvest. In my role as agronomist for Ag Leader I try to establish a mutual learn/teach relationship with customers, dealers, and Ag Leader staff. When we can learn together and from one another at every phase of our cropping systems, new opportunities emerge almost effortlessly. My challenge to all farmers is to learn at every stage. Stage can mean different things such as crop maturity, season, maturity of the business, or future planning.

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Mar, 05 2018 - by Chad Swindoll

SureDrive Turn Compensation

The inner and outer rows of a planter travel faster or slower than the center of the planter when turning. Seeds planted on interior rows are spaced too closely. Seeds on exterior rows are spaced too far apart.

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Jan, 18 2018 - by Chad Swindoll

Steering for Yield, Comfort in the Field

The return on investment of GPS automated steering systems is almost never argued anymore. GPS technology has been proven to reduce overlap, resulting in fuel savings and productivity gains that farms of all sizes can appreciate. However, in my experience, the leading reason that farms today invest in a steering system is operator comfort. Many providers in the agricultural industry offer solutions that fit this niche and most all of them perform well. Producers face a decision when purchasing steering for their farms.

If each option is so similar, how do I choose?

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Nov, 16 2017 - by Chad Swindoll

What is Decision Paralysis?

We live and work in a culture replete with options. Producers face countless decisions regarding the big three – seed, chemical, fertilizer, and a long list of other items. If we look at seed alone, how many choices are there? Hundreds! 

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Nov, 08 2017 - by Chad Swindoll

Remember the 4Rs of Nutrient Stewardship

Making use of the earth’s natural resources in a responsible manner is something all farmers understand. We all want to keep doing what we love, so it only makes sense that we would conserve and steward the land that provides our livelihood.

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Oct, 16 2017 - by Chad Swindoll

Why NH3 Vapor State Matters

Description of operation

Farmers apply Nitrogen fertilizer to their crops in various forms. One commonly used form of Nitrogen is Anhydrous Ammonia/NH3. Anhydrous Ammonia is an efficient N source (82-0-0) and exists as a gas at temperatures ~28 degrees Fahrenheit (-2.2 C) and greater. When stored above this temperature, the material must be kept under pressure so as to keep it in a usable liquid form for application on the farm.

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