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Mar, 19 2019 - by Al Myers

From One Ag Leader to Another: Product Quality

As the owner and founder of Ag Leader, quality is an important topic for me. Right from the beginning, I realized that if I was to build a name for myself and my company quality had to be paramount. Farmers simply cannot afford the downtime when there's field work to be done. 

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Mar, 11 2019 - by Ag Leader

GROWING CONFIDENCE: On-farm field trials improve crop potential

Growing sugar beets in the Red River Valley is an exercise in precision. Hitting the optimal planting depth is of utmost importance to fulfilling the crop’s potentially high — and lucrative — yield potential.

“Getting your stand established is huge for sugar beets,” said Jeff Bjorge, farmer and president of Cutting Edge Ag, an Ag Leader dealer in Buxton, North Dakota. “Any incremental increase in stand and uniformity means many dollars per acre.”

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