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Feb, 05 2019 - by Barry Anderson

Considerations in Deciding When to Start Planting

Deciding when to start planting can sometimes be overwhelming if you take into considerations the factors (Figure 1) that have an influence on corn emergence. We need to remember that corn is a warm season crop. Hybrids that are available today have great yield potential and provide the basis for tolerance to cold stress, but poorly planted seed never reaches its potential yield due to the fact the environmental factors can still reduce stand. Many growers resist planting early because the soils are too cool for emergence, however planting as early as possible helps the corn plant maximize its yield potential by utilizing more of the growing season. 

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Jan, 08 2019 - by Chad Swindoll

Learning Together to Develop Best Practices

The agronomy team at Ag Leader spends time in the field learning about the real world application of current and future products to equip our team and educate current and future customers about the agronomic benefits of using advanced technology such as planter or application controls.

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Nov, 19 2018 - by Chad Swindoll

Applying Fall Nitrogen: Should I or Shouldn’t I?

This fall has been a challenge for many producers across the U.S. pertaining to the amount of rain that you may have had. Now that harvest is finished or is near completion, fall tillage and fertility is next on many of your lists. Corn production requires nitrogen (N) fertilization to supplement what is available from the soil. After N, phosphorous (P) is the nutrient that is likely to be deficient for effective corn production. 

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Sep, 25 2018 - by Ag Leader

Put Data to Work One Step at a Time

Year-round crop connectivity

With today’s Ag Leader tools, a farmer can document virtually every field operation and major crop performance metric, from planting to harvest and more.

It’s important to take actions from a targeted, one-step-at-a-time approach, according to Ag Leader’s Barry Anderson, a precision agriculture agronomist.

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Jul, 31 2018 - by Chad Swindoll

Learning at Every Stage

Agriculture is a seasonal business due to the nature of the crops that we grow. Farmers understand that each crop stage demands various activities to steward yield as we approach the finish line – harvest. In my role as agronomist for Ag Leader I try to establish a mutual learn/teach relationship with customers, dealers, and Ag Leader staff. When we can learn together and from one another at every phase of our cropping systems, new opportunities emerge almost effortlessly. My challenge to all farmers is to learn at every stage. Stage can mean different things such as crop maturity, season, maturity of the business, or future planning.

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Jun, 20 2018 - by Barry Anderson

What Does Proper Down Force Look Like?

We all know that soil types and conditions can pose many challenges to planting. Too cold, too wet, too hard, too clumpy, etc. Due to all this variability, it is crucial you are spending time behind the planter to determine the proper seed depth based on the current conditions. This is important to do each day and for each field.

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May, 16 2018 - by Ag Leader

2018 Tech Trials

Earlier this year, we introduced Chad Swindoll and Barry Anderson, our Agronomy team at Ag Leader. They weren’t on the job for very long before they got to work setting up Tech Trial plots across North America to help farmers realize the value of Ag Leader equipment, and precision agriculture in general, from a more agronomic perspective.

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