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Ag Leader

Aug, 01 2017 - by Ag Leader

Ag Leader’s Industry-Leading Yield Monitor Simplifies Collecting Quality Yield Data

Ames, Iowa, August 1, 2017 - The company that introduced the first commercially-successful, on-the-go yield monitor 25 years ago is building on its mission of empowering growers to collect actionable data for decision making. Its total-farm line of InCommand™ displays will feature new efficiency gains during harvest, which includes a simplified calibration process requiring fewer calibration loads, as well as on-screen resettable bushel counters.

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Mar, 28 2017 - by Ag Leader

Looking for a way to maximize your inputs for 2017?

Looking for a way to maximize your inputs for 2017? A proven method is to use variable rate planting within your operation. With our SMS™ Software, you can create planting prescriptions that will utilize your fields’ past yield data, soil type and soil sampling information to maximize growing efficiency on your farm.

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Ag Leader

Jan, 30 2016 - by Ag Leader

Swath Control ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

1Farming Type

Farming type

2Choose Unit of Measure

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3Select Field Type

The field you've chosen equates to an average farm input savings of 7%




Adding the SeedCommand Swath Control Unlock will pay for itself in only 508 acres of farmed ground.

Calculations include the cost of $750 SeedCommand Unlock.