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Mar, 28 2018 - by Ag Leader

Tips from Tech: SeedCommand Preseason Checklist

Robins are here, the days are getting longer and warmer - spring is slowly coming to the Midwest and farmers are beginning to think about the quickly approaching growing season ahead. 

So when it comes time to pull the planter out of the shed, Ag Leader technical support has put together these great resources for you to check it over.

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Mar, 26 2018 - by Barry Anderson

Foundations For a Higher Ear Count

We have all the heard the saying “getting back to the basics”, but how does that apply to today's farm that's filled with technology? It is no different from what our fathers and grandfathers did when they planted. Sure, planters have changed and other technologies have been added to complement and enhance the planting operations. There was a research experiment conducted in 1908 by Albert Hume et al. that looked at the distance between hills for corn in the Illinois Corn Belt. One statement taken from that experiment summary sums it up well by saying, “Plant corn thicker if the land is rich and thinner if the land is old and thin.” There are many factors that play into ear count and yield, but here are the basic three.

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Mar, 12 2018 - by Ag Leader

What can SureDrive do for you?

I do not have to tell you how crucial seed spacing and singulation is to yield, it’s an item all farmers know. The main purpose of SureDrive® is to provide consistent meter control for the purpose of optimal singulation and seed spacing.

But it's more than that. Less maintenance, simplified electrical and mechanical components on the planter and an easy install are additional pluses of the SureDrive electric planter drive. 

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Aug, 30 2017 - by Jessica Ahrens

Are you ready to turn your data into profitable decisions?

You’ve recorded your planting, application, and harvest data, now what do you do with it?

Our SMS Software customers know this data can be used to make their operations more profitable in the 2018 growing season using the analysis and data creation tools available in this powerful software. Visit the Training team at the Ag Leader Academy this winter and let us show you how to reach your operational goals. We have three different course types planned: SMS Basic, SMS Advanced and SMS Certified I. These courses all take place in our state-of-the-art computer lab, so all you have to do is show up with your questions and goals! 

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Sep, 21 2016 - by Ag Leader

A Message from Ag Leader Technical Support

As we enter into busy fieldwork time, remember that Ag Leader’s dealer network and industry-leading support team are here for you. There are a variety of resources available, no matter the field activity, to get you up and running in a timely manner.

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Jun, 02 2016 - by Preston Poots

Brush Up with Online Training Materials

The 2016 planting season is wrapping up and the summer months are upon us. Many dealers will be attending our training courses and clinics this summer, but we understand summer is a busy time for our dealers and many are unable to find time to attend our training sessions at the Ag Leader Academy. With that in mind, the Ag Leader Training team is offering additional resources available for dealers.

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May, 10 2016 - by Drew Johnston

Ag Leader’s Training Team Takes the mystery out of ISOBUS

With all the exciting news and upcoming product releases coming out of Ames, it’s easy to overlook what's already available. There is our ISOBUS Hydraulic Down Force system that was used by customers and dealers this spring and our DirectCommand ISOBUS Liquid Control system used in early spring or this summer’s applications.

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Apr, 18 2016 - by Preston Poots

Training gears up as spring planting winds down!

The spring season is upon us and many of you are busy preparing for a safe and efficient planting season. While our customers and dealers are preparing for field work, the Ag Leader training team is preparing training materials and will host another training season starting in June.

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